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We create software products that unlock the power of digital transformation journey. Check out some of our cutting edge digital solutions that help organizations to streamline their business operation, reduce overhead cost, enable automation in process and increase revenue.

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This is small android app is the best for all your online shopping requirements. It's includes the most popular and trusted online shopping websites, all the shopping site in one app. You have found all requirement categories in one app. No need to download different type of apps and confused your self - which is better. You can see daily deals and offers of all shopping site update in one app. You can easily check the rate of same products in different shopping site. It is easy to use for all online users.This APP has different trusted shopping site in one room. Just download this best app and click on the categories, all the categories has the trusted shopping sites on the basis of this categories.

  • http://shopinonestop.xyz
  • AFECAD Technologies

    This app is developed by AFECAD Technologies. AFECAD offer professional trainings in Computer Aided Design, Computer Aided Manufacturing, Computer Aided Engineering, Informational Technology, Graphics Design, Project Management and vocational trainings to semi-skilled and skilled professionals. AFECAD Technologies reserve all legal rights of this app.

  • https://www.afecad.com
  • Smarty

    Smarty is IOT base Home and CAR Automation system . Which makes easier to control your Smart Home appliances and secure your Home and CAR by activating it's Security features which makes your Life more easier and beautiful.

  • Smarty Playstore Link
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    Mind & Meditation

    Mind & Mediation is a positive affirmation app based on the Law of Attraction. Positive affirmations are short positive sentences that are meant to be listened to over and over, to lead to a change in thinking patterns and behaviours. Whether you’re looking to achieve financial success, be more positive or have better health, this app can help you achieve your goals. Many people often rely on others to guide them through making positive changes in life. What they do not know is that the power of the subconscious mind is limitless and can be conditioned to set yourself on the right path. With commitment and motivation, you can reset your mind to achieve anything you focus on. With this app, you will have access to an extensive list of predefined positive affirmation messages. Choose your message according to your goal and desired results. Can’t find your goal listed? Simply record or type in your own message for playback. Make sure to listen to your affirmation recordings for at least ten minutes. This can be done before going to sleep or in a quiet place, as the recordings must be listened to with low volume with headphones. Your results will largely be dependent on the frequency of your listening. This app is dedicated for individuals of all genders, cultures and religions.

  • Mind&Meditation Appstore Link
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